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The Cards, The Table Creator & The Online Indicator: Poker Friends’ New Version is Full of Stuff You’ll Love

Yes Yes Ya’ll, and it don’t stop.

Yet another feature-packed, bug-reduced, design-tweaked version is coming your way, ready to turn your grayish day into a fuzzy ray of sunshine. We’ve got a lot of stuff ready for ya, here’s the highlights:


– Online Indicator: See who’s currently online or offline when playing with friends
– Beginners Luck! A special offer only for new users in the first 48 hours.
– Country-Based Live Tables: Own your countrymen in country-restricted games
– Heads-Up in a Tap: Two taps and you’re toe to toe against that annoying fool that thinks he’s better than you
– New Table Creation Process: Rubbing it in your friends’ faces has never been easier!
– New Profile Pop-Up:.See player without moving to a new screen
– New Default Player Avatar


– New, simpler and more detailed tutorial
– New store design
– Bigger cards (Finally!).
– New design for NEW TABLE and PLAY NOW buttons.
– Improved experience on live tables
– Fresh, new Background & Bottom panel graphics for live game (Black leather instead of brown wood).
– Removed “Email us” and “Invite Friends” from Settings screen and moved them to main profile pop up
– New pop up explaining Night Mode for the first time a user encounters the night mode
– Added an option to view Trash Talk history for new players on live tables – New players joining a live table are now able to see the previous discussions


– Language support fixes
– Fixed swiping bug that darkened game cells and made the app freeze
– Fixed bug of “Awww” sound in showdown when a user has folded and did not participate in showdown
– Many other bug fixes

So get on your iPhone/iPad, and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you at

Good luck and may the gods of poker be with you,
Team Poker Friends


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8 Tips for Winning Over My Mobile Ad Budget / Itamar Cohen, Head of Marketing @ Big Blue Parrot


**Originally Posted On LinkedinImage

**This is one mans opinion, but I’m sure there are many like me out there**

When I joined Big Blue Parrot in 2012, I was a nose-drooling, dirty-diaper rookie.

Coming from the creative side of traditional advertising, I knew very little about how app marketing works. I was young, inexperienced, and was being approached on a weekly basis by dozens of companies offering to market Poker Friends, with practically no ability to even distinguish between them (Seriously, why is everybody AdSomething?). let alone decide which one we should go with.

Now, a year and a half later, I’m still not sure I really know anything. 
But I did learn a few things along the way, and I do know now what kind of companies (And more importantly, people) I want to work with. 

So, if you’d like a shot at a slice of our not-too-shabby marketing budget, here’s a few insights on what’s important to me personally:

1. Reaching out for the first time? Don’t copy-paste your E-Mail / LinkedIn message

Do you know how boring it is to get the same messages with “Advertising opportunity” or “Partnership inquiry” as the subject, “Hello, (No first name)” as the opening line, and then a 30-line E-Mail about how you are a leading company in the global mobile ad space and that you work with “The top publishers in the world” – Meaning, the exact same companies everyone else works with? FOR GOD’S SAKE, SPICE IT UP A BIT.

About dynamic data – please, only personalize your message with dynamic data if you know how to do it right. I recently got a message saying “Hey, I just played your game, “Poker Friends HD – Play the worlds’ most popular cards game with a social twist”, and loved it. I couldn’t get my hands off it!”. Seriously?

If you want to personalize (And I strongly suggest you do), make sure you take five minutes to do your homework. My game means a lot to me, and I worked hard on it. Don’t tell me it’s great if you didn’t play it.

2. Download Poker Friends before the call / meeting

If we’ve set up a call/meeting, you can bet I’ve visited your website & Facebook page, read articles related to your company, and probably also asked around. I expect you to do the same, or at least open the app to know what we’re talking about.

3. Stop asking for a minimum (Insert much higher number than really needed here) test budget

Your competitors already told me it’s not true. I don’t need you to test with 10 publishers either – Give me 1-2 of your best ones, and if the traffic’s good we’ll take it from there.

4. Only take my CPI bid if you can bring the volume

There’s nothing more annoying than closing a promising deal with an attractive CPI and high volume, only to see 20 installs a day and being asked to “Raise the bid a bit to get more volume”. What the hell man.

5. Listen and adapt yourself to our current needs

Question: “Hey, I’m planning an iOS campaign in Russia, what’s your CPI/Volume there?”
Answer: “Yes, we have great Android traffic in Kurdistan”

Stop. Just stop. Unless it is an absolutely phenomenal offer, don’t do it.

6. Take some of the risk upon yourself

I know, no one can promise an (X) amount of installs at (Y) CPI at (Z) amount of time.
But if you’re asking me to invest $10-20-100K based on your estimates, you should be able to set a conservative minimum and stand behind it.

Yes, darling, tell me those three wonderful words I want to hear so badly: 
Money Back Guarantee.

7. Be responsive, flexible and service-oriented

I love working with SuperSonic ads.
You know why? Because most of our conversations look like this:
Me: “Hey, I need a campaign set up in country (X), (Y) CPI”
Them (No longer than an hour later): “Cool, you’ll get (X) installs a day. It’s ready, let me know when to activate it”.

I love working with other companies a lot less.
You know why? Because most of our conversations look like this:
Me: “Hey, I need a campaign set up in country (X), (Y) CPI”
Them (Sometimes a day later): “Cool, please create your campaign in our incredibly complicated, buggy dashboard, then sign an IO for much more than you actually need and the money will stay in your balance so we’ll have a guarantee you’ll spend it”.

You can see why I would prefer A to B.

8. Keep me updated regularly about the opportunities you offer

So, we talked, and things didn’t work out on round one. That’s cool, we’re running a marathon here. My data might change, the market might change, and your offers might change. That’s why I would love to hear from you on a week/two-week basis, just to see what’s up.

A bad way to do this: “Hey Itamar, how’s it going? Is Big Blue Parrot sending you to the convention everyone’s attending in some awesome country that isn’t Israel, at their expense? It would be great to meet up there!”. NO, THEY’RE NOT. AND THANKS FOR RUINING MY DAY.

A good way to do this: “Hey Itamar, how are you guys doing? I wanted to let you know we have a really great offer for (Platform) in (Country). If this is relevant for your current needs, let me know.”

In conclusion

I love you and want to work with you. Please love me back.

– Itamar

22.06.2014 Update – I’m currently looking for:
– Low-CPI, iOS traffic in Spain and Russia
– High-quality, iOS traffic in the US

Talk to me.

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The 6 Dark Truths of Poker Night With Friends

So, planning a poker night, are we?
That sounds like fun. Getting the buffalo wings ready, everyone brings beer and other controlled substances, telling jokes and playing cards. Just a good, ol’ fashion night with the gang, right?

Wrong. This is what actually happens:

1. That married friend who told you “he’s definitely in”? He won’t come.

Don’t believe the hype. If one of your married friends just had “A super urgent thing but next time he’s definitely in”- That’s married life rearing it’s ugly, dirty-diapered head. And he won’t definitely come next time either, you fool.

Poker Friends - Poker Night Rules

Don’t let them fool ya.

2. Even if you’re a 40-year old father living with his family, at some point your parents are going to come downstairs and scream at you to be quiet.

This is a true scientific enigma – It’s like they sonar hearing for the sound of chips hitting tables or something.
Seriously, you could be having a cocaine extravaganza with Skrillex bumping in the background on your brand new monster speakers – and nothing. But once that chip touches the wooden table – They jump out of bed like a sleeper agent hearing a code word.

Poker Friends App

This is a random picture of a woman screaming from a photo site. But it could also be your mom.

3. No matter how much you try to fight it, someone will ALWAYS come without money, say “Hey, let me in, I’m good for it”, and NEVER come up with that money, ever.

This is also known as the “I’m a sucky, sucky friend” syndrome.
Why this still happens in a world full of ATMs and irresponsible overdrafts – on one knows.

Poker Friends app for iOS and Android

Seriously dude, again?

4. That one person who’s “Not really that into poker, but just came to hang” will ruin everything.

Whatever you do, DO NOT let that person in. It’s a trap.
They’ll start off quiet, then become enthusiastic (In a bad way), then discouraged and irritating, until eventually you’ll find yourself watching Grey’s Anatomy while playing a few hands during commercial breaks. We hate you, John.

Poker Friends App

I don’t like you.

5. Someone you thought was a good person will spill beer on your table and expect you to clean it.

Poker Friends App

You’re cleaning it.

6. When you come back home late, drunk and without any money, someone’s gonna be really pissed.

That is why poker-loving mathematicians invented “The Pokerthagoras Rule”:
The number of times you won =  The number of times you told your girlfriend you won / How late you got home * How drunk you were coming in.

This equation has been proven to be mathematically accurate through centuries of statistic analysis and stuff.

Poker Friends App

Took us a while, and we’re game developers.



Get Poker Friends – That way you can have a poker night with your friends without actually having to meet them.


*** Got any more dark truths? Tell us about it in the comments!


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Poker Friends Review from AppPicker (Spoiler: It’s awesome)

Originally posted on AppPicker


What we have here is the first app in the world that enables you to create private tables and play against whomever you want. Although you might be a whiz against strangers, how well do you think you’re going to fare against Aunt Gladys? Pull up a seat and let’s find out!

I’ve never really been a fan of online poker games, but I have reviewed a few over the past year and I’m definitely very much impressed by what the developer has managed to pull together here, both in terms of the features offered and the overall presentation.

This app has definitely cornered the market on private poker games with pre-selected players, and I can definitely see it become hugely popular over time. Check it out on your iPhone or iPad so check it out today and you’ll be bankrupting your family in no time!

Create Private Poker Games With Your Facebook Friends

The first thing you’ll want to do when you initially start playing Poker Friends ® – Play the World Popular Cards Game With a Social Twist! is create a user account. This can be done by using your Facebook account, and will allow you to easily connect with your friends and family online.

Once you’re all set up, you’ll be taken to the main home screen, and from here you can hit the New Table button to start a game with up to five of your friends by inviting them from Facebook. You’ll also earn $3,000 in chips for every friend you successfully invite to Poker Friends.

Dishearten Your Opponents With Shameless Trash Talk

You can create games with Random Opponents or select Play Live Now to join a table with online opponents who are playing right now. It appears as if you can also achieve this latter option by simply tapping the Play Live button to jump straight into a live game.

One fun aspect of this game is the Trash Talk feature. When playing any game you can enter a live chat room with your opponents to start dealing out their fair share of abuse, but please let’s keep things nice and clean, shall we!

Pros and Cons


  • Quick and easy registration by using your Facebook account
  • Start private poker tables with your friends by inviting them from Facebook
  • Join live games in progress with a single tap
  • Earn chips for every friend you invite via Facebook
  • Earn badges for great performances and share them with others online via Facebook and Twitter
  • Dishearten your opponents by using shameless Trash Talk


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

Poker Friends ® – Play the World Popular Cards Game With a Social Twist! is definitely one of the better poker games that I’ve come across, and it definitely receives a strong recommendation from me, especially considering you can play it completely free of charge! Try it out on your iPad or iPhone and you’ll see what I mean.

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8 Reasons why Poker Friends is unlike any Poker app you know

Poker Friends, DH Poker, Zynga Poker, Live Hold’em Poker Pro, Kamagames Poker, Poker King,WSOP, Poker Shark, Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe, Pokerstars – With such an enormous variety of poker apps a tap away, it’s pretty damn hard to choose – Even if certain development teams are significantly more handsome.

So, to help ease your pain, we’ve come up with 8 good reasons why you should definitely give us a crack, even if you’re already hooked on the Red lady or the Dragon chip:

1)     The Private Tables:

While most poker apps try to give you the Vegas casino experience, we went for re-creating the “poker night with your friends” vibe.


That’s why the first option we developed was private poker tables for groups – You can create a table with your own set of rules, add up to 6 people to your table and play together as if you were in your dad’s old smoky basement. We are the only app in the world to give this feature, which many players who love poker night with their friends might really get a kick out of.

2)     The Custom Time Limits:

We know you guys are busy (Well, at least whoever’s not in college), and therefore we created an option that’ll allow you to fit your table to your lifestyle.

You can define a custom time limit ranging from 30 second to 48 hours a turn, allowing you and your friends to either get some fast action together or play throughout the day.

3)     The Turn Notifications:

In this type of game, where people have a lot of time to play, it is natural that you don’t always remember to check if it’s your turn. That’s why we created the turn notification system – We automatically send you a push notification when it’s your turn, allowing you to carry on with your everyday activities without worrying about missed hands.

4)     Night Mode:

If you’re playing a private table with your friends, the game can sometimes go on for months. Since you’d might want to sleep sometime during these months, and still not miss a turn, we created a cool feature called “Night Mode”.

During night mode, the turn time limit is automatically set to the duration of the night mode hours (Meaning, if you set night mode to be from 1AM-9AM, the turn time limit will be 8 hours).

5)     The Trash Talk:

Imagine winning a hand against your best friend. Now, imagine winning that same hand with a crazy bluff. Now, imagine winning that hand with a bluff, revealing your cards and rubbing it in his face so viciously he’ll want to delete the app and curl into a ball in a dark corner.


 This is exactly the purpose of the trash talk feature – the perfect digital saloon in which groups of friends can share thoughts about each others’ playing skills, visual appearance and female relatives. Including your momma.

6)     The Hand-O-Meter:

Contemplating on how to play a hand? Hit the button on the bottom right and help is on the way. The Hand-O-Meter shows you your hand’s strength, potential and possible outs at any given moment, making sure you make the right call (Or raise, or fold).

7)     The Preflop SLOT Machine:

Yes, it isn’t exactly “Within the Poker rules”, but it’s the most fun you’ll have with a feature in a while.


Simply put, if you don’t like the hand you’re dealt, just spin the Preflop SLOT and try to improve your luck. Careful though: Better cards are not guaranteed, so don’t come crying to us if your 8,Q turns into a 2,7.

Update: In our new version, we’ve added an option to disable / enable the Preflop SLOT in private tables. Go to your table settings for more info.

8)     The Overall Tone & Style

Like Robbie Williams said before he overdosed on Cocaine and stopped making good songs: “Let us entertain you!”.

We’re here to tease, tear-squeeze, make you laugh and give you the overall feeling that the guys behind this game don’t really know what they’re doing, but are having a great time finding out.

Bottom Line

Get the app. It’s friggin’ awesome.

Got something to say about this story? Leave a comment down here:


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Hey, Mr. App Review Man, Stop Asking Money From Me!

This is a real steamer.

One of the first things you find when you search for “Promote your iOS App” (It’s ok, we’ve all done it) is article 1/2/5 (depending on the company trying to promote itself by writing a blog) – “Get your app reviewed by bloggers and app review sites”.

You think to yourself “Hey, that’s great! I have a good app, I’ll write to them and if they’ll like it, they’ll review it. Basically, they’re app news sites, right?”. AHHHH, wrong.

These sites all have the exact same reply:

“Thanks for submitting to us. We’d love to review your app, but we’re just overly swamped with tons of requests because our site is really really really popular. The good news is, you can ensure a review for X dollars! of course, you can choose not to pay, and we will still review your app. in about 5-10 years.”

So, our advice is – if you were fortunate enough to land here before wasting countless hours on meaningless submissions, direct your marketing efforts elsewhere. For example, you can write a blog about what it’s like to develop an app and hope it will catch on.

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Previously on Poker Friends (Or: Intro Post)

Hello fellow developers seeking for magic solutions to make their app successful,

Since you’re just joining us (Which makes sense, since this is our first post), we thought it would be a good idea to bring you up to speed and let you know what we’ve been doing these past few months. Since nobody reads these days, we’ll keep it short, sweet and in bullets:

– Our app is called Poker Friends. It’s a social poker app that tries to create the vibe of poker night with your friends, on your phone. It allows groups of friends to play poker together without having to be online at the same time (Turn-based), and now also offers live tables for killing time.

– We Launched Worldwide for iOS & Android on November 27th, 2012. So far we’ve got 49,000 downloads on Google Play, 31,000 downloads on iOS, 4115 downloads on SlideMe, 1,201 downloads on Samsung Apps, 440 downloads on Amazon, 207 downloads on Opera and 3 downloads on Apptoide. Man, we love those 3 downloads.

– We created a really awesome, unique video ad. We worked our butts off to make that ad happen, stayed days and nights, wrote and re-wrote, edited and re-edited, bought views, received worldwide praise and gained about 10 new downloads. Man, we love those 10 downloads.

– We created a one-of-a-kind invitation system. Super clever, you won’t find something like this in any other game. We increased virallity by hundreds of percents. That actually works great, thanks for asking. We’ll talk about it some more later.

So, here we are today, right on the verge becoming too rich and too busy to write a stupid blog, to share a bit about what goes on in our everyday lives. We’ll try to give some useful tips from our experience, and maybe help you guys to do better. Just don’t forget us when you’re on the cover of “Awesome App Magazine”!