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Poker Friends Review from AppPicker (Spoiler: It’s awesome)

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What we have here is the first app in the world that enables you to create private tables and play against whomever you want. Although you might be a whiz against strangers, how well do you think you’re going to fare against Aunt Gladys? Pull up a seat and let’s find out!

I’ve never really been a fan of online poker games, but I have reviewed a few over the past year and I’m definitely very much impressed by what the developer has managed to pull together here, both in terms of the features offered and the overall presentation.

This app has definitely cornered the market on private poker games with pre-selected players, and I can definitely see it become hugely popular over time. Check it out on your iPhone or iPad so check it out today and you’ll be bankrupting your family in no time!

Create Private Poker Games With Your Facebook Friends

The first thing you’ll want to do when you initially start playing Poker Friends ® – Play the World Popular Cards Game With a Social Twist! is create a user account. This can be done by using your Facebook account, and will allow you to easily connect with your friends and family online.

Once you’re all set up, you’ll be taken to the main home screen, and from here you can hit the New Table button to start a game with up to five of your friends by inviting them from Facebook. You’ll also earn $3,000 in chips for every friend you successfully invite to Poker Friends.

Dishearten Your Opponents With Shameless Trash Talk

You can create games with Random Opponents or select Play Live Now to join a table with online opponents who are playing right now. It appears as if you can also achieve this latter option by simply tapping the Play Live button to jump straight into a live game.

One fun aspect of this game is the Trash Talk feature. When playing any game you can enter a live chat room with your opponents to start dealing out their fair share of abuse, but please let’s keep things nice and clean, shall we!

Pros and Cons


  • Quick and easy registration by using your Facebook account
  • Start private poker tables with your friends by inviting them from Facebook
  • Join live games in progress with a single tap
  • Earn chips for every friend you invite via Facebook
  • Earn badges for great performances and share them with others online via Facebook and Twitter
  • Dishearten your opponents by using shameless Trash Talk


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Final Words

Poker Friends ® – Play the World Popular Cards Game With a Social Twist! is definitely one of the better poker games that I’ve come across, and it definitely receives a strong recommendation from me, especially considering you can play it completely free of charge! Try it out on your iPad or iPhone and you’ll see what I mean.

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8 Reasons why Poker Friends is unlike any Poker app you know

Poker Friends, DH Poker, Zynga Poker, Live Hold’em Poker Pro, Kamagames Poker, Poker King,WSOP, Poker Shark, Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe, Pokerstars – With such an enormous variety of poker apps a tap away, it’s pretty damn hard to choose – Even if certain development teams are significantly more handsome.

So, to help ease your pain, we’ve come up with 8 good reasons why you should definitely give us a crack, even if you’re already hooked on the Red lady or the Dragon chip:

1)     The Private Tables:

While most poker apps try to give you the Vegas casino experience, we went for re-creating the “poker night with your friends” vibe.


That’s why the first option we developed was private poker tables for groups – You can create a table with your own set of rules, add up to 6 people to your table and play together as if you were in your dad’s old smoky basement. We are the only app in the world to give this feature, which many players who love poker night with their friends might really get a kick out of.

2)     The Custom Time Limits:

We know you guys are busy (Well, at least whoever’s not in college), and therefore we created an option that’ll allow you to fit your table to your lifestyle.

You can define a custom time limit ranging from 30 second to 48 hours a turn, allowing you and your friends to either get some fast action together or play throughout the day.

3)     The Turn Notifications:

In this type of game, where people have a lot of time to play, it is natural that you don’t always remember to check if it’s your turn. That’s why we created the turn notification system – We automatically send you a push notification when it’s your turn, allowing you to carry on with your everyday activities without worrying about missed hands.

4)     Night Mode:

If you’re playing a private table with your friends, the game can sometimes go on for months. Since you’d might want to sleep sometime during these months, and still not miss a turn, we created a cool feature called “Night Mode”.

During night mode, the turn time limit is automatically set to the duration of the night mode hours (Meaning, if you set night mode to be from 1AM-9AM, the turn time limit will be 8 hours).

5)     The Trash Talk:

Imagine winning a hand against your best friend. Now, imagine winning that same hand with a crazy bluff. Now, imagine winning that hand with a bluff, revealing your cards and rubbing it in his face so viciously he’ll want to delete the app and curl into a ball in a dark corner.


 This is exactly the purpose of the trash talk feature – the perfect digital saloon in which groups of friends can share thoughts about each others’ playing skills, visual appearance and female relatives. Including your momma.

6)     The Hand-O-Meter:

Contemplating on how to play a hand? Hit the button on the bottom right and help is on the way. The Hand-O-Meter shows you your hand’s strength, potential and possible outs at any given moment, making sure you make the right call (Or raise, or fold).

7)     The Preflop SLOT Machine:

Yes, it isn’t exactly “Within the Poker rules”, but it’s the most fun you’ll have with a feature in a while.


Simply put, if you don’t like the hand you’re dealt, just spin the Preflop SLOT and try to improve your luck. Careful though: Better cards are not guaranteed, so don’t come crying to us if your 8,Q turns into a 2,7.

Update: In our new version, we’ve added an option to disable / enable the Preflop SLOT in private tables. Go to your table settings for more info.

8)     The Overall Tone & Style

Like Robbie Williams said before he overdosed on Cocaine and stopped making good songs: “Let us entertain you!”.

We’re here to tease, tear-squeeze, make you laugh and give you the overall feeling that the guys behind this game don’t really know what they’re doing, but are having a great time finding out.

Bottom Line

Get the app. It’s friggin’ awesome.

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