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The Cards, The Table Creator & The Online Indicator: Poker Friends’ New Version is Full of Stuff You’ll Love

Yes Yes Ya’ll, and it don’t stop.

Yet another feature-packed, bug-reduced, design-tweaked version is coming your way, ready to turn your grayish day into a fuzzy ray of sunshine. We’ve got a lot of stuff ready for ya, here’s the highlights:


– Online Indicator: See who’s currently online or offline when playing with friends
– Beginners Luck! A special offer only for new users in the first 48 hours.
– Country-Based Live Tables: Own your countrymen in country-restricted games
– Heads-Up in a Tap: Two taps and you’re toe to toe against that annoying fool that thinks he’s better than you
– New Table Creation Process: Rubbing it in your friends’ faces has never been easier!
– New Profile Pop-Up:.See player without moving to a new screen
– New Default Player Avatar


– New, simpler and more detailed tutorial
– New store design
– Bigger cards (Finally!).
– New design for NEW TABLE and PLAY NOW buttons.
– Improved experience on live tables
– Fresh, new Background & Bottom panel graphics for live game (Black leather instead of brown wood).
– Removed “Email us” and “Invite Friends” from Settings screen and moved them to main profile pop up
– New pop up explaining Night Mode for the first time a user encounters the night mode
– Added an option to view Trash Talk history for new players on live tables – New players joining a live table are now able to see the previous discussions


– Language support fixes
– Fixed swiping bug that darkened game cells and made the app freeze
– Fixed bug of “Awww” sound in showdown when a user has folded and did not participate in showdown
– Many other bug fixes

So get on your iPhone/iPad, and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you at

Good luck and may the gods of poker be with you,
Team Poker Friends