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The Cards, The Table Creator & The Online Indicator: Poker Friends’ New Version is Full of Stuff You’ll Love

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Yes Yes Ya’ll, and it don’t stop.

Yet another feature-packed, bug-reduced, design-tweaked version is coming your way, ready to turn your grayish day into a fuzzy ray of sunshine. We’ve got a lot of stuff ready for ya, here’s the highlights:


– Online Indicator: See who’s currently online or offline when playing with friends
– Beginners Luck! A special offer only for new users in the first 48 hours.
– Country-Based Live Tables: Own your countrymen in country-restricted games
– Heads-Up in a Tap: Two taps and you’re toe to toe against that annoying fool that thinks he’s better than you
– New Table Creation Process: Rubbing it in your friends’ faces has never been easier!
– New Profile Pop-Up:.See player without moving to a new screen
– New Default Player Avatar


– New, simpler and more detailed tutorial
– New store design
– Bigger cards (Finally!).
– New design for NEW TABLE and PLAY NOW buttons.
– Improved experience on live tables
– Fresh, new Background & Bottom panel graphics for live game (Black leather instead of brown wood).
– Removed “Email us” and “Invite Friends” from Settings screen and moved them to main profile pop up
– New pop up explaining Night Mode for the first time a user encounters the night mode
– Added an option to view Trash Talk history for new players on live tables – New players joining a live table are now able to see the previous discussions


– Language support fixes
– Fixed swiping bug that darkened game cells and made the app freeze
– Fixed bug of “Awww” sound in showdown when a user has folded and did not participate in showdown
– Many other bug fixes

So get on your iPhone/iPad, and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you at

Good luck and may the gods of poker be with you,
Team Poker Friends


Author: Poker Friends Development Team

It all started in 1986, when a new born baby… No, that's too far. It actually started in 2007, when a group of friends tried to get together for a decent night of Poker, but everybody was just too busy. Luckily, we later found the time to do something about it. The first idea was E-Mail based Poker. But with the growing usage of smartphones, it was decided to adapt the idea to the mobile industry and turn it into an app. That app was called AdultFriendFinder. Just kidding, it was called Poker Friends. Poker Friends is the first turn-based multiplayer game in the world, with over 1.5M already invested in development and some of the biggest names in the industry heavily involved in the project. Plus, our CEO has a tattoo in a very unusual place – But to get that story, you'll at least have to buy us an interview first. For further details, contact us at

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