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Hey, Mr. App Review Man, Stop Asking Money From Me!

This is a real steamer.

One of the first things you find when you search for “Promote your iOS App” (It’s ok, we’ve all done it) is article 1/2/5 (depending on the company trying to promote itself by writing a blog) – “Get your app reviewed by bloggers and app review sites”.

You think to yourself “Hey, that’s great! I have a good app, I’ll write to them and if they’ll like it, they’ll review it. Basically, they’re app news sites, right?”. AHHHH, wrong.

These sites all have the exact same reply:

“Thanks for submitting to us. We’d love to review your app, but we’re just overly swamped with tons of requests because our site is really really really popular. The good news is, you can ensure a review for X dollars! of course, you can choose not to pay, and we will still review your app. in about 5-10 years.”

So, our advice is – if you were fortunate enough to land here before wasting countless hours on meaningless submissions, direct your marketing efforts elsewhere. For example, you can write a blog about what it’s like to develop an app and hope it will catch on.